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July 01, 2009



Who are you using for hosting that it's over $500/year?

Check out Dreamhost..I host with them for $10/month and the domain is $10/year. If you pay up front, it goes as low as $5/month. They have unlimited bandwidth and storage.

Might be something to consider.

Also, I miss my tweets going to my LJ ;)


33 euros per month + $20 per year for the domain for dedicated hardware. The hosting provider is dedibox


Lots and lots of people are using this service. I'm sure if you said that you needed x amount to be able to continue the service, word would spread and you would get the money.


If you can't get Loudtwitter back, feel free to post a script on your blog. I really love auto-blogging my twitter posts, and I will feel very sad to see it go. Loudtwitter helped me stay on Twitter. :(


I would suggest you decide what you'd need to continue the service, post a donation request for that amount, and publicly track as you approach your goal. I would certainly donate to keep the service running.

Alternatively, please consider open-sourcing your code.


I would pay for it. Maybe a yearly fee. $5 from everyone. I'm sure there's more than 100 people that use it. You could make a bit of cash of this!!!


I'm honestly surprised that Twitter itself doesn't offer a feature like Loudtwitter provided. To be honest, my relationship with Twitter will change drastically if Loudtwitter doesn't come back, because I always used it specifically knowing I'd be exporting everything to my blog.

Whatever happens, I've really enjoyed it, and thank you for the previous use.


I would have no problem paying a small fee to have it backing up my tweets to my LJ, maybe $1-2/mo.

You can definitely get cheaper hosting. Start here (yeah, it's a cheesy spam-like site, but the hosting is real): http://www.10besthosting2009.com/

Another option might be to rig it up to use the Google app engine instead of whatever you're doing. I'd love to get in on the project if needed, I've been meaning to practice my Python skills and play with these distributed databases.

Along with the others, I'd LOVE to see you go open source with this. If you think the code or architecture is crap then don't worry about it, the community loves this product so much that it will get cleaned up in no time.


I'd donate, if donations were opened up again with a target number, or pay a small fee for yearly ($10 or under). I'm really sad to see it go, and if there's any way to convince you to bring it back, I'd help!


I too always use Twitter specifically knowing I'd be exporting everything to my blog. I will be sad to see it go and will be happy to contribute to help it stay.


Why can't you set it up so that you have some form of advertising? You could have an option to pay a small fee to remove it. I'm sure most people who use Loudtwitter would be happy to pay around $12 or so a year for the service.


I only recently joined Twitter, but the next stop was to join LoudTwitter so my tweets would go to LJ. I would be more than happy to pay for this service and/or make a one-time donation for the cause.

Vanesa Littlecrow W.

I use LunarPages for my webhosting and they are phenomenal. Please charge a fee and bring back LT. Or make it open source, for us DIYers. Thank you for your service. I will donate as soon as I get paid again.

Vanesa Littlecrow W.

Heck, if you bring it back, have HelloTxt and Identica support. I would pay extra for those features as well.

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