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July 01, 2009



This is scary! I love Loudtwitter. You'll pull through. Idk what I'll do now. Just to let people know, http://twittinesis.com is an alternative. It's not Loudtwitter, but it gets the job done..

I'll be using that and watching your blog for updates. Loudtwitter is the best. Twittinesis sounds like the name of a website owned by a fat man. :( I will donate soon.


Man, I feel for ya. I own a small hosting company, and had something similar happen. I learned some valuable lessons on choosing a good data center and the importance of proper/current backups (I had backups, but not daily ones, and also didn't have any plan for immediate switch over).

Not that I'm at *all* busting your chops, because you've been doing this for free, and have gone above and beyond the call.

I love the service, and along with others would be willing to pay a small fee to continue. I would totally understand if you decided not to continue though, since your time is worth a lot, and you can only continue operating at a loss for so long.

I don't think the general public understands all that goes into offering a service like this. I hope it all works out for you.


I certainly hope that you are considering switching to a new provider that has a better backup system. Good luck man!


And they won't just replace the motherboard? What kind of box is/was it?


Here's hoping you pull thru - yours is one of the best Twitter related services out there!


i am confused, did u rent a server or have your own?? and if u rent it then they should of replaced the motherboard and u should be online and if u owned the server then u should have access to your server to make the repairs so who u hosting with??



It was a server rental, they weren't able to replace the motherboard only. they mark the server as dead and move on. Thankfully I got them to send me the hard disk which they don't normally do


omg thats shitty service, i mean if they move on then they should moved your stuff to a new server.. or replaced the motherboard at there cost.. as it was rent by u which means itz there server.. i still dont get it.. ;-(
good luck man!

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I thought loudtwitter was dead and had quit posting my tweets. I was okay with this because I felt bad using this journal as a twitter dump.

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